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Just What Was Gandalf's Plan? [Jan. 29th, 2004|06:19 pm]

'Dark is the water of Kheled-zâram,' said Gimli, 'and cold are the springs of Kibil-nâla. My heart trembles at the thought that I may see them soon.'
'May you have joy of the sight, my good dwarf!' said Gandalf. 'But whatever you may do, we at least cannot stay in that valley. We must go down the Silverlode into the secret woods, and so to the Great River, and
then ------'
He paused.
'Yes, and where then?' asked Merry.
'To the end of the journey - in the end,' said Gandalf. 'We cannot look too far ahead(...)'

--The Lord of the Rings, p.276 (2nd ed., single-volume, 1968-2003).

While things did work out in the end otherwise, it's still an interesting question - had Gandalf passed through Moria, what road did he intend to take? I do believe there is a quote from the Council of Elrond where he denounces any notion of taking the One Ring to Minas Tirith.

I would like to hear any commentary, supported by the text whenever possible. Was Gandalf taking it one step at a time? Or do you suspect he knew which road he would take Frodo to Mordor by? It is a question that later causes Aragorn some grief, in lieu of Gandalf's leadership.
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(no subject) [Jan. 20th, 2004|09:29 pm]

I'm back for a sec. I made a new icon and a banner for our info page! You like?
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'ello! [Jan. 20th, 2004|06:44 pm]

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Shock! Gasp! We have members! I feel a bit guilty...I haven't shown my face since the first post. School, among other things *coughPhotoshopcough* have kept me busy. Sorry to have neglected you all. Welcome to new members!

While I'm here around all you Tolkien geniuses, could anyone remind me of Arwen and Aragorn's son's name? I should know it, but I forgot, and it's been bugging me all week. I looked in my appendix, but I just can't seem to find it. I figured it would be easier to ask one of you (someone probably knows it off the top of their head) rather than combing through the appendix for it. Thanks.

I thought it might be kind of funny to point out some of the strange things Pete Jackson added to the movies (especially the bizarre ones). You know, like the infamous elves at Helm's Deep, or the fact that there were women and children in Gondor (how?) If anyone spotted any more glaring add-ins, I'd love to hear some of them (Please don't go on about the stuff he left out...we could go on for years...). What can I say...I'm horribly bored.
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For My Own! [Jan. 10th, 2004|08:21 pm]

[mood |excitedexcited]

Hey all! Guess what? I finally have my own copy of the books. My lovely mother found them at BJs, just in time, cuz I had an order form all filled out to order them elsewhere. I have a feeling these are going to be well highlighted and underlined. I already highlighted the two Bracegirdles (my hobbit family name, lol) in the Hobbit family trees *happy sigh* Tis lovely.
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Tolkien Scholar [Jan. 7th, 2004|09:22 pm]

Well, finally a place for Tolkien Scholars.

I suppose I will introduce myself.

My name is Ryan, and I am studying for a bachelor's in Education. My college doesn't offer any studies on Tolkien as such (although my ENGL 338 instructor tells me his ENGL 101 class reads the Lord of the Rings), so I've taken up the study of Tolkien on my own time, mostly through LJ.

Major course of study: Drama
Minor course of study: English
Favourite 'Rings' novel: The Return of the King
Favourite non-'Rings' Tolkien work: Unfinished Tales
Favourite non-Tolkien work: Mercy Among the Children
Favourite 'Rings' movie: The Fellowship of the Ring (Extended)
Favourite 'Rings' character: Sam Gamgee

I'm not of the camp that believes that the author's word is law; so, if Tolkien said an element of his works was meant to represent a specific thing from the real world, while I'll take that into account, I'd prefer to leave it open to interpretation. The most personable authors I have met have told me that once they publish their work, it belongs to the readers. It's up to us to connect the dots.

If anyone wants evidence of my enthusiasm for the deeper meaning of Tolkien's work, I implore you, take a look at my LJ. I recently did a short examination of the allegory of Denethor to the popes of the modern catholic church (and I used pictures!).
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Hi! [Jan. 1st, 2004|10:43 pm]

[mood |energeticenergetic]

Hi, I'm sarah, otherwise known as magyarchica here on LJ. I am a female, and my favorite book in the trilogy is The Fellowship of the Ring, but The Hobbit is my favorite Tolkien book that I've read so far. I also read Madeleine L'Engle and C.S. Lewis, in addition to whatever else I may find or have thrust upon me, including Orson Scott Card, who I would like to read more of, spescially since he complimented The Princess Bride, my fave book. I've got two LOTR communites, Hobbits_Gather and AranelSpeaks. The first is for hobbits and fans of hobbits, the second for fans of elves. My hobbit name is Prisca Bracegirdle of Nobottle and my elvish name is Alassë Sindanárië.
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Hi hello! [Dec. 30th, 2003|09:57 pm]

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Hey everyone! Welcome to the "Tolkien Scholars" Community.  We need members! Please join, and post the following info about yourself when you do:

Your name (LJ username or otherwise): Campbell
Gender: Female
Favorite Book of the Trilogy: Return of the King
Favorite Tolkien Book Outside of the Trilogy: The Languages of Middle Earth, with The Silmarillion in close second.          

Other authors you read: Orson Scott Card, J.K. Rowling, Garth Nix, Phillip Pullman

...and anything else you might want to add.  After you've introduced yourself, you can share anything, from quotes, to words in one of Tolkien's languages, to parodies and fan art. Also, discussion of the books and questions about them is encouraged. I'll drop in when I get some ideas.

That's all for now! Hopefully we'll have some members soon *gives most pitiful look*...join now!

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