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On conspiracy theories and theoriests [Sep. 14th, 2004|06:31 pm]


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Before I get to the point of today's look inside the human mind I would like to record a few brief events.

After school on Tuesday means roleplaying. I'm starting to wonder why I do it, I personally don't get anything from it like I used to. But I did get something from after it. A horde of conkers found its way into the library and most of the roleplayers went outside and in the alcove thing Matty B was bombarded with conkers. You really had to be there to appreciate the beauty (only word for it) of it. He stomped inside saying I wasn't allowed a lift from him. I found him in the library and Matthew and I managed to persuade him to come out, saying we would protect him. We got him out (after supplying him with conkers) and mayhem begun which I managed to stay out of. Louis set about Matty B and Lewis, Lewis made his way towards the steps when Matty B unleashed his conker straight towards the base of Lewis' skull. You could see he had been really hurt and was very angry; he chased Bailey but couldn't catch up with him. To cut a long story short Louis and I managed to pacify them with promises of a showdown at the LARP training day. That should prove to be good. I informed Mrs Emmott of the hatred and she found it to be very amusing.

Anyway, Matty B adopted sensible (or half-sensible at least) mode. When his dad arrived we managed to have interesting discussions on topics such as films and conspiracy theories. Matty B said he had watched a programme about 9/11 where it said on tower 2, the plane hitting it like that would cause it to fall backwards and, seen as it fell downwards, there must have been an explosion inside. His dad and myself laughed at this idea and got onto the subject of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. I won't go into detail here, I am sure most know the basic facts. We agreed that the chances of a conspiracy were almost nil. I used to believe in a conspiracy theory, fueled when I watched the film 'JFK' but watching a programme on BBC1 has almost convinced me. The only doubts I would raise were that someone is supposed to have 'evidence' that 8 bullets were fired! And also that the FBI allowed windows to be opened around Dealy Plaza and umbrellas to be opened. Looking at conspiracy theories in general though, I believe we live in an age surrounded by television dramas and other forms of fiction and this just fuels our ever fertile imaginations and we look for more interesting outcomes - not necessary the most believable. True conspiracy theorists at heart (of which I admit I am one) want more than believe in an conspiracy in the assasination of JFK.

To sum up: Conspiracy theories are more fact than solid evidence; theorieists want more than believe in conspiracies and this can be put down to the ever increasing amount of fiction we are surrounded by.